Saturday, 17 March 2012

Reasons why I love Coco Chanel.

5.Love for fashion
I have no reason not to love coco Chanel,but a million and one reasons to do.
Gabrielle Bonheur channel was born on the 19th of august 1883 in saumur France.She wasn't born with a silver spoon like it seems when ever you hear the name Chanel.In fact she was born from a very poor home.Albert and Jeanne Chanel with five other siblings.
Chanel's mother died when she was just 12 years old and because her father was too poor to manage the family,he had to split the siblings to different relatives and schools.Chanel went to a catholic boarding house after her stay at the orphanage. Luckily for her,she learnt how to sew at the orphanage and she was able to find a job as a seamstress where she stayed.
Chanel met several men that helped her finance her career as a fashion designer but she never married any.I am not talking about ordinary co fashion designers,I mean big like dukes and upper-class gentlemen.
She started by making hats,and well,see were that got her today.Her first boutique was opened in 1910 named Chanel modes and it was know for just hats.She was really good at it.Like they say,everything worth doing is worth doing well.Did she ever think she would make history?!!well I think not.She went further in the fashion industry in the year 1915 approximately 5 months after her 1st boutique was opened.See my point!the lady is hard working.
This woman didn't stop there.She got into partner businesses with several people then which made her what she is today.She worked for 20 years before she could get full access to "perfume chanel" her first.
Have you ever heard of the little black dress?!well coco Chanel invented that,and she was also known for her suits too.She never stops,she just keeps pushing and grabbing any opportunity that comes by.*even tho it's not hers,lol
At the year 1971,she was already 87years when one night she slept and didn't wake up.Yes she had her ups and downs,friends and foes,partners and rivals,but one thing am sure of is that she lived every second of her life doing what she loved.
She is my inspiration,lol,and I bet she is another five thousand more fashion designers too.You know one of my favorite quote? "Every woman has the age she deserves"...Chanel.

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