Thursday, 1 March 2012


1.Matching shirts and ties!!!That's a NO NO
2.Matching shoes and belts
3.Sun shades

1.Matching shirts and ties...a NO NO
A guy must always remember that your Shirts must not always match your tires.What other better way to express your self than a tie.Be exciting,be spontaneous,if you match a black tie with a black shirt,you would just be tagged boring ***yawn**

2.Matching shoes and belts....
A man's pants has to match his shoes except he wears sneakers Which I assume would be paired with jeans.A pattern print belt would be best paired with jeans rather than a pale colored belt.Most guys that do not follow this trend often look really tacky.

YES YES YES ....Men with shades look really sophisticated and gives that "talk-to-me-later-I-am-busy" illusion..You know..busy making papers**wink**.
Remember when in an official event,black shades are best suitable,or you might just end up looking like a busy don't wear shades in the night!!like it is called SUN shades,and don't wear it either in the building,it is called sun SHADES.

Please I am begging you,always match your socks with your pants.there is nothing hotter if a guy has all colors of his socks respective of his pants.Pairing same color of pants and socks makes a man look well organized,and am sorry to say if a guy isn't organized,fulfillment in his work would be difficult.(((I bet we all watched cartoons...have you ever seen a clown with brown pants and brown socks????)))i don't think so.
Wrist watches are not just accessories,they are also gadgets that helps us manage time.A man who wears his wrist watch every day shows he is discipline and responsible enough to manage his time well.Most guys have this believe that they don't need there watch because they have there phones.Not only is it proper to keep your phones in your pocket,it is also safer.What would you do if that lady you always wanted to talk to walks up to you and ask you the time?would you start struggling with your pockets!!she would just walk out on you and ask the other person beside.Don't you think its easier to look at your wrist and tell her with a smile!!besides she would be sure you can buy yourself a watch and buy her dinner as well...**lol try it,it works**
Below is a picture of 2011 most fashionable you might relate to.I like there style because it's really easy to put together and inspiring.

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