Friday, 31 August 2012

SCANDAL!!! Married woman sends nude pictures to adultrous Lover and gets expos​ed!!!

This woman is a manager in a very reputable financial institution in Naija….she was rumored to be having an affair with two of her employees/colleague….
However,when one of the lovers discovered her relationship with anoother colleague,he confronted her and they had a quarrel which led to their break up…
But the embittered ex-lover could not stand to see his “babe” date a fellow colleague,so he decided to expose her…IN THIS HORRIBLE WAY!!!!

Women be careful who you send your nude pics to…otherwise it might just end up on the internet…the rest na story!!!!




Is this even scientifically possible?then i am expecting a farm-house bicycle.

[PHOTOS] D'Banj Performs At Rita Ora's Show At Scala, London

D'Banj took the stage by storm at Rita Ora's show in London earlier this week. Rita was celebrating the release of her new single How We Do and her debut album Rita Ora.


  African inspired fashion brand,Christie Brown always seem to always get it right.Judging from her previous collection,"talens",it seems she always keeps it coming and fresh.
      X.UTRA,her fall-winter collection is a mouth full.She combines the artistic beauty of an elegant African woman's figure and art.
 Watch her interview as she speaks about the road to her success   and visit for more beautiful photos.Indeed,the road to greatness is tough,but it is worth every sweat.



  I am a really big fan of their designs,so retro and yet stylish.I would be caught dead in any of these if i were a boy,but i am

  Take a look at their fall-winter lookbook and visit SAWA for more info
If i were you,i would take my eyes off the model and back to the sneakers.*wink

Photo of the Day - Obama high school

Obama secondary school in naija,lol.

Teju babyface is married

Popular comedian and actor Teju baby face yesterday got married to his beauty queen in the traditional way. Tomorrow saturday, september 1st will be the day they will tie the knot in the Altar. Congrats to you Babyface.

Ladies please stay away,lol.

Popular Actor Rich Oganiru Confessed He Killed His Wife?

Culled from National Enquirer Magazine

The deceased, National Enquirer gathered reliably is not his first wife, the first wife also died mysteriously years back and he was in a very poor state of life before he met the Abuja based multimillionaire who transformed his life in a matter of months. Click to continue reading the story…

Rich Oganiru, according to those who know him, he loves money and attention almost to a fault, aside that, he also likes blowing his own trumpet as he always praises himself, “I have starred in over 300 movies, I am the Corporate Marketing Consultant to the Abuja Chapter of AGN, a high flying Evangelist called to lead the skilled and unskilled gifted in art to realize their God`s given potentials in the Kingdom. I am the General Overseer of Davidical Order Ministry, we discover, develop, expose, empower and evangelise musicians, actors, and artistes to be relevant in their different churches- a non denominational outreach for the entertainment industry”, his self appraisal on facebook page.
The Owerri born actor is, as you read this, swimming in a murder scandal that might have him behind bars for the rest of his life except for divine intervention. Mr. Rich, has featured in several movies including-

Queen of Hasso Rock, Wasted Effort, Pay Day, Lacrima, Stoneface in Love, Givers Never Lack, His Majesty, Yellow Fe Rich Odichinma Azu ver, My Destiny, Battle Of The Rich, Political Control, Touching Love, Total Control, Last Confession among others.
The actor is presently at the homicide section of the force headquarters, Abuja where he’s being held for killing his wife, a top business woman in Abuja.
Tracing the genesis of their liaison, we gathered that the deceased met Rich Oganiru who already lost his wife and mother of his two boys at a time he was facing financial challenges and could hardly afford daily meal. Rich, our source explained was able to win the pretty woman’s heart after sweet tonguing her especially because he’s a known face who’s featured in several movies.
This, we further gathered was how the woman in a short while brought back smile to the face of the light skinned actor to the extent that, he became financially buoyant and had even started cruising one of her cars. The relationship as expected blossomed into marriage within a short period and the actor we learnt even had a traditional wedding with his supposed God sent wife. The union, we learnt however took a new dimension when Rich began to complain of his wife’s inability to get pregnant.
Meanwhile, the woman had, by this time handed over the documents of her landed properties as well as making him part of the signatories in her firm. The affair, we reliably learnt took another twist as the graduate of music, Rich started seeing a younger lover, Iyake, a calabar born undergraduate of Nassarawa State Polytechnic whose mother owns a shop in Abuja.
“He`s always hibernating everyday for hours with a young girl whose mother owns a shop at the popular area known as Food Court built by El Rufai where there are banks, it is so shameful for a man like that doting on a young girl,” the source disclosed.
While doting on a young girl outside, the actor, who the source revealed is also an ex Naval officer kept mounting pressure on his wife to get pregnant shunning the fact that the business woman was suffering from Fibroid. This, we gathered might not be far from the reason the woman had to take the decision to get the fibroid removed by all means.
Quoting the source “It was Rich’s unnecessary pressure on the lady that made her resulted into having a fibroid operation in a private hospital in Abuja which she luckily survived but only recuperating at the hospital before she was allegedly poisoned”.
The woman we were told, however met her untimely death few days after the surgery when her husband was said to have visited the hospital and allegedly gave her a pill without the doctor`s consent claiming that it would aid her speedy recovery, not knowing that it was poison.
The whole thing started looking suspicious when Rich who had sold some of his wife’s landed property for a church member for N2.5m requested for her death certificate. The actor we gathered claimed that he urgently needed the certificate to sort out some personal issues instead of informing the wife’s family or at least show a remorse for the irreparable loss.
In addition, the church member who bought the land, according to our source also smelled fowl play because Rich refused to have his wife’s signature on the land receipt neither did he even inform any of her family member claiming that he’s the husband and has the right to sell her land. This, we learnt informed the church member’s interest to investigate the actual cause of Rich’s wife death.
“This was how the man reported the whole land story as well as the woman’s death to her family and it was what made them involved the police before the doctor and Rich were arrested” the source revealed.
The doctor, knowing that his hands were clean, therefore suggested an autopsy which shockingly revealed a poisonous pill in the woman’s system. The said poison we gathered was ingested between the time her husband visited the night before she died.
The nurses were also said to have saw her sleeping few minutes after Rich left not knowing that she was dead in her sleep. The actor, our source added later confessed killing his wife after much torture in police cell without any cogent reason. We also learnt that Rich is still in the police custody in Abuja while remains of his wife have been deposited in the mortuary, we shall however bring you unfolding details as events unfold.

Nicki Minaj Blasted By Fans For Jacking Beyonce's Photo

Nicki Minaj yesterday came under fire from Beyonce's fans after she changed her Twitter profile to a picture of her face photoshopped over that of Beyonce. She took the photo down a few hours later when the bashing became too much.


'Twas probably a homage to Beyonce but still kinda creepy!

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Thursday, 30 August 2012

[PHOTOS] Eva Alordiah's Birthday Party

Check out these eye candy pictures from rapper Eva Alordiah's birthday party.

Justice Oputa Denies Charlyboy, He is not my son.

Justice Chukwudifu Oputa has done a very careful explanation and for that reason, he beliefs that Charlyboy is not his son. In Justice Oputa's interview, he revealed more on his son's life.

Were you at any point against Charles’ Choice of Career?

Every father wants a son to succeed him. I practiced as a lawyer; I had and still have a very big library at home. You will want somebody to take over from you. When we couldn’t get him to do law, we let him do what he wanted to do if that was goin to make him happy. Today, he is happy, and we are all happy with him… Take husband and wife for instance, they are two different human beings, and they can’t live together until they are willing to accommodate one another. They may be certain things I do that my wife doesn’t like, they may be certain things she does, I don’t like, so also your child. At first, we were only concerned about what we wanted him to become, but not really concerned about what he wanted to become. I think every parent should look at both angles.

What do you think about your son Charlyboy today?

Point of correction, Charlyboy is not my Son. I think Charlyboy is a character. I don’t have any child as Charlyboy, I have Charles Oputa. I don’t allow Charlyboy into my house, but I have a caring son called Charles. Maybe, you will need to rephrase your question again

What do you think of Charles today, what kind of child is he?

He has his own will, he has been doing what he likes, he has been happy with what he is doing and that is the aim of life. If you are satisfied, contented with the day to day existence, then you are considered a happy man. You may be very rich and happy but not satisfied, but if you are in an atmosphere you like and you have a wife who agrees with you like Charles, then you are lucky. My son is very understanding, loving and shows so much concern and respect for me and her mother. That’s all we need from him at this age.

Do you have anything to say on this issue? please comment.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Big brother star game winner Karen Igho shows off her bikini body.I think....what do you think?


Few days ago, top Nigerian female gospel singer, Kenny Saint Best popularly known as KSB has gone tough on Mavin Records boss, Don Jazzy and his artiste, Wande Coal over the latter's alleged X-rated content in his new music video 'Go Low'.
The gospel artiste, who could not hide her reservation on the music video, lashed out at Don Jazzy and Wande Coal accusing them of increasing rape cases in Nigeria.
According to KSB, "Naked girl in Wande Coal's new is a thumb down from me. We have kids watching. You are bringing nudity back to Nigerian [music] videos to increase cases of rape in our society. It has stopped. Please stop it.
"We don't want rape cases to increase. Please Wande Coal and Don Jazzy, stop this nudity in your [music] videos before God stops you. My dear brother (Wande Coal), the mercy and the favour of God were the elements that brought you this far, not nude girls in your [music] video. I say NO to NUDITY."

Reacting to such comments, Don Jazzy simply put that "the accusation is baseless and we would rather not comment further on it."

Davido officially signs Sina Rambo to HKN

Davido's cousin and right hand man, Sina Rambo has been officially signed to HKN records.
 Davido posted the pictures on twitter and tweeted  "Congrats!! @SHINARAMBO officially signed to HKN 2day!!! Time to get Money cuzzo"

This must be his birthday gift from the HKN gang and aslo an official entry into the Omo Baba Olowo account.
What do you think?

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I GO DYE showing off his new 2012 Hybrid Escalade SUV

Benin born comedian I GO DYE recently bought himself a white Escalade Hybrid SUV 2012 Model said to be worth over N15 million. Shows his doing quite well,  kudos man.