Thursday, 12 July 2012


Glamour model,Maria fowler,the victim,was obviously not prepared for this.Certainly she would have assumed putting on this lovely black and white dress could complete her evening with her pal Gemma Massey,Well it didn't.
Unfortunately her dress split down the back revealing her rear to the world to take a look,the worst moment photographers would love to "take-a-picture",and yes,they did.Talk about the most embarrassing moments in life,lol.
The 25 years old model tried to keep her cool by covering up her behind with a clutch bag,but that didn't prevent the photographers did it.Maybe if she had a scarf,that would have been better than the bag.
This could happen to anybody.Reasons why you should be prepared at all moments.Remember a scarf in you bag,its really not that heavy you know.What if it happened on your way to meet your date!!or in the mall!!...learn from Maria's mistake.

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