Thursday, 26 July 2012


Rumor has it that Burberry might have copied Nigerian fashion brand jewel by Lisa.
Lisa folawiyo,founder of J label is not happy with that as she tweeted.

Monday, 23 July 2012


I know I blog about the countless beauty of feminine wears.Unlike the usual,I stumbled upon an emerging fashion brand,J Reason which I couldn't resist even as a lady.
22 years old Olajide Adedeji,designer behind this brand releases his second collection "sartorial summer".He explained that young men should also look fashionable even at summer with the pop of odd colours.He added, “It’s all about tailored clothes. They usually describe men that are well together as sartorial and that is what we are trying to achieve with this summer collection – sartorial perfection to show that even during summer you can still be fashionable and classy”.
Personally,this is very fashionable.It should be targeted to the young Men in their early 20s.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


  DO you sometimes have this trouble of zipping up!!probably after a meal or maybe dressing up!
Do you think that nothing could fit on you because you are a little over weight and because of that reason,you rarely try out some really great outfits.May be you took that bold step one time and it ended up disastrous because you looked like an "elephant" in that lovely dress you spent a lot on.I know that feeling,**whispers**i have been there**.
The answer is SPANX.yea i know,spanx aren't really sexy you think!

  Most people forget to add spanx to there wardrobes.Why should you spend a fortune on blouses,dresses and lingerie without thinking of spanx!i know it appears to be unsexy from the inside,but believe me,spanx under your outfit gives you that lovely hour glass figure you have been spending you time in the gym trying to work on.

There are so many advantages in wearing spanx..

  1. It holds excess skins together giving you a lovely figure on the outside.
  2. With constant practise with you spanx,your figure takes the new form of how you spanx has appeared it to be.
  3. Believe it or not,you tend to burn much calories especially around the thighs and belly.
  4. You gain self confidence on how you look because you know and feel more beautiful.
  5. It gives you a great posture,standing,sitting,you look fit.
  6. You can eat all you want forgetting you would have to suck your belly in,besides,no one would notice how big you belly would become,the spanx are working its magic by holding them in.
  7. Guess what!spanx are made for men too.Yea MEN.


By the way,Everybody is doing it,so don't feel bad about wearing spanx,in fact be proud about being smart enough to look good.Our body is natural and because of that,it reacts to nature both the advantages and disadvantages of nature.
If kim kardarshian and beyonce,two women with great figures with or without spanx,see the needs for spanx,i don't see any reason why you should.
beyonce showing off spanx

kim k 


Monday, 16 July 2012

Rihanna announces collaboration with River island

Rihanna,beautiful Barbadian singer and actor can add 'designer' to her talent list as she announces collaboration with British high street label River island.She is unique fashion icon and a trend setter too,I don't see any reason why this wouldn't work.
"I have been wanting to design my own collection,and I can't imagine a perfect partner than River Island",she said.
Riri,you are just full of surprises.


Actress/model,Zoe Saldana looks absolutely gorgeous at the Prabal gurung resort 2013 presentation putting together pieces of the collection that made this look feminine and chic.Personally,I Love every bit of it,from the peplum top to the printed short,with a touch of bold colour(RED BELT) to complete the day look,and YES,don't forget the heels..

Thursday, 12 July 2012


Glamour model,Maria fowler,the victim,was obviously not prepared for this.Certainly she would have assumed putting on this lovely black and white dress could complete her evening with her pal Gemma Massey,Well it didn't.
Unfortunately her dress split down the back revealing her rear to the world to take a look,the worst moment photographers would love to "take-a-picture",and yes,they did.Talk about the most embarrassing moments in life,lol.
The 25 years old model tried to keep her cool by covering up her behind with a clutch bag,but that didn't prevent the photographers did it.Maybe if she had a scarf,that would have been better than the bag.
This could happen to anybody.Reasons why you should be prepared at all moments.Remember a scarf in you bag,its really not that heavy you know.What if it happened on your way to meet your date!!or in the mall!!...learn from Maria's mistake.

Friday, 6 July 2012


One thing I notice is that a couple's sleeping position tells much about the relationship.It either helps or damages the relationship between the partners.
I know when we sleep,we are close to unconscious to what ever happens around that moment,but like they say,practice makes perfection.
If you want better chances in keeping your Man/Woman,follow these few tricks.
1.THE SPOON-Women love this position.It makes them feel sexy and physically attracted to their male partner.Genitals against buttocks,is best for one of those nights when the partners want physical closeness but not sex.
2.HONEYMOON HUG-This is very common in early month relationships.The partners are just getting used to each other.They are very dependent and in love with each other.I call it "young in love".Lol!the bad thing is that it lasts for just few weeks.
3.SWEETHEART CRADLE-One thing I know is that it's every woman's best style.She feels very secure,she is safe in the arms of her man.She feels much in love when she is sleeping close to his heart especially after sex,you don't need to tell her "I love you"she already knows.It is easier to give a kiss on the forehead before you wish her a good night.It is actually my best and a lot others' too.
4.LOOSELY TETHERED-Here you notice just one partner is involved.Maybe she has something on her mind that she doesn't want to mention.Give her little space but not too much.Let her know you respect that but you are still there if she wants to talk.Notice the space between the partners with just one hand on the other's waist.Don't worry,she would move closer later at night.
5.LEG HUG-This is common after a fight.I don't call it a sleeping position,I call it a's time for someone to say "I am sorry" lol.Despite the fight between the partners,they both are still dependent and physically attracted to each other but can not move closer or hug because of self pride.Nobody wants to be the one to say "I Am sorry",after all,we were right.
6.THE PURSUIT-This is every man's best.It is normal to think in a relationship,it is the male partner that should do the holding and cuddling.That is actually selfish.They don't only want to hold,but also be held as well.Unusually as it is,they also want security.They think a lot,so much on their mind that they get carried away and might forget to sleep right.The lady might also expect the man to move closer and these might result to the ZEN STYLE.You don't expect the man to say "hold me"it's unmanly to them,lol,but that is what they need and want at that moment.So if you are the lady,Move closer and hold your man.Let him know there is nothing to worry about,or someone else might do it for you.
7.THE CLIF HANGER AND THE GRAB-These are two very disturbing position.Notice how they both can't stand to stay with each other.A bigger bed is recommended to avoid falling off,lol.It is a bad way to start a relationship because closeness after this might be difficult.Try to avoid or rather be conscious of these.It is common for relationships after 5 years.

No matter the sleeping position,Love matters a lot,Communication is necessary and Tolerance shouldn't be left out.