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ICEYBELLE: HOW TO WORK RETRO STYLE: Anything retro means back to the 80s and 90s.This outdated style or rather aged fashion is back and better again.I am talking about the high...


Anything retro means back to the 80s and 90s.This outdated style or rather aged fashion is back and better again.I am talking about the high wasted denim jeans,bold printed pattern blouses,padded puffy hands,funky wedges,cat eye sunglasses....etc.They are back and better...
But there is this problem with some people trying it out.Most people think,or get scared they might not be able to pull it off.Well that's why I brought you these guideline to wearing retro.
:D :D to be honest,I was always a big fan of the 90s fashion.How chic and sophisticated it looked...U know.

1.Take out little pieces:
Start by taking out little pieces from the 80s and pairing it up with the modern wears in your closet.If you don't usually dress retro,and want to start,I advise you take baby steps.Start with a patterned printed blouse and a scarf(both vintage) pairing it up with a Bold printed skinnies with killer heels(both modern).

2.Mix it up:
This is the hardest to pull off.Most people get stuck with how to pair vintage from different decades.I have seen someone wearing a high wasted skirt,padded vintage blazer, cat eyes glasses and black flats all from the late 80s.That was totally wrong...Retro means the vintage from the past 15-20 years.This ought to be exciting,an adventure.Mix it up.Don't look completely vintage from head to toe only from one decade,you would look outdated.Go back to the 80s,pick your best piece,go back to the 90s,They had funky pants,come back in time and pick fewer pieces from your closet,maybe a leather jacket.I bet you would be looking just as retro and modern as you should.

3.What about your scarf:
How do you want it,tied to your head,your neck or your bag!...either ways,no matter how modern you dress,a scarf settles your retro look.

4.Don't forget your red lipstick:
A red lipstick gives that sophisticated,classy,retro look you are looking for.There is nothing else that says pride and power than a red lipstick.Personally I never go anywhere without my red lips,there is this feeling of confidence.Retro looks best with red lipstick,it's like an everlasting's like a black cardigan,it goes well with anything.It takes us back to the Elizabeth Taylor years.

4.It's your style:
Don't forget your style.Retro doesn't mean giving up your style for the outdated year,it's all about knowing how the "outdated" style fits into ..."if I was still in the 80s,how would I dress like".I know,I have made that mistake too.There are different looks of retro,it's just which fits your style.Are you the classic lover!!then why not try on padded cocktail gown.Are you the casual wearer!!a nice denim shorts would look great with chiffon blouse with a pair of nice sneakers.Or do you just love being funky all the way!get a scarf,a pair of modern jeans,nice cat eyes sun glasses,printed loosed blouse,and yea!killer heels.

Don't forget to try out new things.Dont over do it if you don't know how to do it.Be confidence even though it feels wrong,keep you chin high and remember,posture is all that matters.


ICEYBELLE: SO MANY WONDERS ANKARA PRINTS CAN DO(ACCESSORIES): 1.Ankara bags 2.Ankara shoes 3.Ankara jewelry We all know Ankara prints has been trending for a while in Nigeria...but its so amazing how...


1.Ankara bags
2.Ankara shoes
3.Ankara jewelry
We all know Ankara prints has been trending for a while in Nigeria...but its so amazing how well we can work this trend.
 I was usually not the Ankara lover,but when I got to know its contribution to fashion,I fell silly in love with it.Apart from regular outfits,Ankara prints are great in making accessories.
1.Ankara bags:
tote by obileye


ahhhh........I know what you are thinking,,,what did I do on my birthday!well am writing this post in a state
I know daddy wouldn't be proud of me.Heck,mum might be furious.But they ought to understand 29th of march comes only once in a year,and when it does,I spend it like its my last.
I ate last night like a fat,like seriously,I didn't mind what ever it was made of,I just took it in my system.The drink!lol,I don't wana start cuz they might be reading this,let me just say I started with my legs on the floor,and ended with my head in the kitchen sink......
picture of my half eaten cake
I took a picture of my cake,well half eaten,am sorry for not showing the full picture,I didn't have the chance to take,I couldn't,didn't know how to hold the camera.I stole this picture of my cake from my friend.It was a lovely sponge can still taste it now.
 Yesterday was the most lovely day of this year so far.Even though my mum and dad weren't around to share it with me,I had them in my heart.
 Thanx to all my friends that made me feel special that day,thanx for sharing that special day with me...thanx to God for giving me that special day,if it wasn't for him I would av still been in heaven.Thanx to my sisters,i love their trust and support.Thanx to  my only brother,he is the bestest ever.Thanx to my mum,without her,my life would have been a grayscale,Thanx to my dad,his call made my day complete yesterday.Thanx to my best friend,she was the first to thanx to y'all concern,i wish u a better day on your day too....xoxo....

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

DARE AND NAETO C....who works it better

One thing I know for sure these two Nigerian artist got in common is their great sense of style.They always know how to bring it on when asked.Unlike some other celebrities who never push the bar,Dare and Naeto c are always my favorite to watch in most red carpets because there is always something new to stare at.Maybe they got great stylist doing a good job,who knows!but I don't care,all I know is dress it well and set a good example to your fans which I can see they have no problem with.
To top it all I bet these good features have also affected there music a great deal.To be honest,the first time I noticed and liked naeto c was his appearance at kini big deal,one of his plenty great songs.Even doe it might be the good work of a stylist,it was so obvious he would have just gotten that look as perfect if he did it himself,and since then am always looking forward to every show,read carpet appearance,or video,just to see what's next.
Dare at the other didn't love dare,who doesn't.I started liking dare since the project fame academy,and I loved him more when I noticed he doesn't just got the voice on stage,but he got the looks too.My best appearance of him was in NOT THE GIRL video,lol,and yea!BA NI KIDI.

These two are my favorite best Nigerian fashionable artist.They got the voice,the look,and the best style that goes best with it.
Proudly Nigerians. ;)

Sunday, 25 March 2012


This is so common.Just because the jeans entered you doesn't mean it's your size.I bet who ever designed that jeans wouldn't think your belly would over lap.Beside not only does it make your body shape ugly,it also makes you look sloppy.

2.UGLY MEN'S WEAR:We are females,we have the body,why hide it!!no matter the body shape you have,there is always a piece for it. Flaunt your figure,don't be ashamed about it.Statistic says that the main reason why women wear men's wears is because they feel it's comfortable and it doesn't push the bounds.Why wouldn't it be!!!it's "men's wear"they made it that way for them because most of them don't have the time for "how they look"so they make fashion easier for them.By the way,it compliments there figure and they look just as hot that you would have been if you found yourself in ladies wear too.I know there are men's wear for ladies,still with that,they weren't made for men,but women.

I know what you are thinking,does anybody still do that!?!?!?!well....I asked myself that same thing when I saw a girl passing by my lecture hall with a green shoe,a green bag,green blouse and earrings.The only thing not green about her was her tummy belt which is totally out of season.Normally I would have been like aww cute.But I remembered she was in the university,not nursery school.I know this is a season for bold colors,but then if you want to follow the trends,do it well or not at all.I almost took pictures of her,but she was my friend's friend.
This is so wouldn't lie,I used to be a victim of this.I used to be like with the fake LV bag and all till I knew how unnecessary it was .I know,this is very tempting to not-stop,in fact,people have accepted it as "ok" to wear a little fake.I have forgotten what they call it ermm!!yea!they got the original,original-fake,and fake-fake.if you are seen with the original-fake,then you are ok,and if you are seen with the fake-fake then it's not ok!!!lol.The both are wrong if it's not the original.Why stress yourself getting the fake of what you cannot afford than getting the beautiful affordable "original"pieces of other great designers in the next store!there are a lot beautiful designers in the world especially Nigeria rather than LV,Gucci,Prada or DG.

Lol.wouldn't say much about this because it is!Like I don't get it.Seriously I don't.Do you know some girls actually "sag"there pants!and show off their panties and butt cracks.Nobody wants to see's even a crime for the men that does it talk more of a girl.It's not nice.Nothing even close to's just disgusting and immature.

I know you have all the bracelets,and the cool earrings,and the chic necklaces,with matching shoes,scarves and bags,but you shouldn't wear everything all at c'mon,how do you think you might actually look!people make that mistake of over doing it.The result is you would look too heavy and choked up by it.Every piece has to have a unique meaning.Why don't you pick just a bracelet,a pair if earrings,a nice neckless,and you are good to go.By the way,this is spring,heavy accessories should wait,flatter your looks with a more natural vibe.

This isn't a look you would want to be seen it.The common believe of the victims is that they feel a little spot with a stain isn't a big deal,or if it's torn, it isn't obvious.It's not nice.if it's stained,take it to the dry cleaner,they know what to do with it.If it's torn,take it to the tailors,they are good at their jobs.Just don't feel ok putting on that piece.What if you are caught in action!Nobody would ask you why you got that stain on believe me.They would just assume you are dirty and sloppy.

Just because you are a size seven doesn't mean you have man legs.There are a lot of nice shoes that aren't a size 6.I have seen people walking very bad because of the shoes on.Most times,it causes blisters after worn a couple of hours.Now why go through that stress when you would have just worn your size.Not everybody would be good at walking with heels,so try some flats,they feel great.
Remember posture matters,and bad shoes would only make you walk and act funny.
This is the most common.Almost everybody has fallen as victims.When wearing you skirts and pants,make sure your panty lines doesn't show.Thats why there are different panties for different kind of wears.For an example,If you want to wear a light denim jeans and you are sure your panty lines would show,why don't you put on a g-string instead.They were made for that reason remember.Don't give anybody the idea of what you got under your dress.
The most reason why I love fashion is that it portraits what we feel,who we are,how we want to be seen,our present is what makes it fun.Don't dress up with the image of your friend in your head.Be unique and have your style.Just because your friend looks so good with mini skirts and maxi blouse with a pair of nice slippers doesn't mean you too might look good in it.And even if you do,what if it isn't your style!!what if your style is a nice denim jeans,a pair of ankle heels
And a nice leader jacket that goes with it.It's all about knowing your style,dress
It chic and feel good with yourself.

Learn how to "Throw"away old pieces.Don't hold on to them.Even doe some might have sentimental values,keep it aside but don't throw it away.I have this box,I call it my treasure box.Any old item that have sentimental values to me,I keep it there,and throw away the rest.

Saturday, 24 March 2012


Today is just another regular Saturday,only difference is i moved about with a twisted ankle.Obviously I didn't plan to twist it,I was playing tennis with my friends this morning and fell,the rests are history.
Why I fell?!well I didn't dress for the occasion.I wore a tight jeans short with
nice slippers worth more than my racket.
Who I wanted to impress!?nobody.I just thought why don't I break fashion rules,now who is laughing now.
My lesson!?dress for the occasion.follow the rules.
There are outfits for every occasion.not only for the sake of fashion,but your Health too.
Dont break the rules or you might break a leg.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012



Yea I know,it seems like a really big work trying to care and maintain the skin,but really,it's actually no big deal.Infact,I find it quit interesting.Most excuses I hear is "I don't have time","my skin is too stubborn","who is looking at me",my dear so Many people are looking at you that is why you have to be conscious of how you present yourself.

1.Cleansing:Easy,this simply means detoxification.Notice most times,after taking your regular shower,your face still feels oily or slimy.This is because dirts are still present.Even though you apply excess soap which is very wrong because too much of it,especially medicated soap can result to total elimination of germs even the ones that are good for the skin giving in skin irritation and dryness.This is why cleanser are needed to remove the dirt present in our skin.After shower,just apply cleanser to that area you are particular about in most cases the face.The good thing is that there are different products,so you can pick your choice that suits your skin type.I use any PALMER'S product,works anytime after every shower.

2.Moisturizer:I know we already have an idea of what this means.I already posted a blog on knowing your skin type and if you have read it,it would be easier in selecting the best cream and lotion.Moisturizing is very important,in fact it's the most important in skin care .The way your tongue craves for water is exactly the same way your skin craves for moisturizers.After cleansing,the next step to take is moisturizing.It keeps the skin fresh and it gives that glow.To learn how to select moisturizers for your skin type,I advise you check the link below.

3.Sunscreen:Most people don't know the power of sunscreen.The sun is good,but only in the morning at the hours of 7am to 10am because of the vitamins and minerals it provides to the body.Aside that,ultraviolet ray is harmful not only because it give burns and irritation especially to sensitive skins,it also result to skin cancer if over exposed.That is why sunscreen is provided.It helps to block or protect the body from the sun.No matter how "resistive" your skin is to the sun(**very common excuse of not using sunscreen**)sunscreen is necessary before stepping out of your house.I personally recommend sebamed at
Most guys think cleansers,moisturizers and sunscreens are ladies stuffs**smh**well it's's applicable for both male and female.I used to have difficulties taking this easy steps,but with regular practice,u bet you would get used to it in no time ;)trust

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


This is one of my best african event that occurs annually because of the beautiful sense of fashion.Bluntly,I am not a big fan of what goes on in there,but am a huge fan of the events on the red carpet.Like seriously were else would you see so many African style worn by your best movie stars if not the AMAA.This year would be tagged the 8th edition on AMAA on April at bayelsa Nigeria(as always)and trust me,I wouldn't(can't) fail to get pictures of the best,and the worst outfits..**see how things grow!just from a small tv program to this**,I can remember when the 1st edition was in the year 2005 lol,now it is the most prestigious event in African entertainment world. Well the nominees list is out at my favorite entertainment site

See pictures of AMAA 2011 red carper event.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Reasons why I love Coco Chanel.

5.Love for fashion
I have no reason not to love coco Chanel,but a million and one reasons to do.
Gabrielle Bonheur channel was born on the 19th of august 1883 in saumur France.She wasn't born with a silver spoon like it seems when ever you hear the name Chanel.In fact she was born from a very poor home.Albert and Jeanne Chanel with five other siblings.
Chanel's mother died when she was just 12 years old and because her father was too poor to manage the family,he had to split the siblings to different relatives and schools.Chanel went to a catholic boarding house after her stay at the orphanage. Luckily for her,she learnt how to sew at the orphanage and she was able to find a job as a seamstress where she stayed.
Chanel met several men that helped her finance her career as a fashion designer but she never married any.I am not talking about ordinary co fashion designers,I mean big like dukes and upper-class gentlemen.
She started by making hats,and well,see were that got her today.Her first boutique was opened in 1910 named Chanel modes and it was know for just hats.She was really good at it.Like they say,everything worth doing is worth doing well.Did she ever think she would make history?!!well I think not.She went further in the fashion industry in the year 1915 approximately 5 months after her 1st boutique was opened.See my point!the lady is hard working.
This woman didn't stop there.She got into partner businesses with several people then which made her what she is today.She worked for 20 years before she could get full access to "perfume chanel" her first.
Have you ever heard of the little black dress?!well coco Chanel invented that,and she was also known for her suits too.She never stops,she just keeps pushing and grabbing any opportunity that comes by.*even tho it's not hers,lol
At the year 1971,she was already 87years when one night she slept and didn't wake up.Yes she had her ups and downs,friends and foes,partners and rivals,but one thing am sure of is that she lived every second of her life doing what she loved.
She is my inspiration,lol,and I bet she is another five thousand more fashion designers too.You know one of my favorite quote? "Every woman has the age she deserves"...Chanel.

Friday, 16 March 2012


This is my top three and my inspiration too.There is this scent of uniqueness about them that sets a track of achievement for we young aspired fashion designers.

1.Ituen Bassey:She is the woman behind the fashion line ituen Basi.She is well know for her good combination of many Ankara materials in one piece.Despite the complications,they always look fabulous.check out

2.Lisa folawiyo:This is a unique line popularly known as jewel by Lisa.Her love for Ankara has made her successful in the fashion industry and this young lady wouldn't stop at representing.From sequins to beads,she doesn't do without.check out images

3.Folake Folarin:She is the woman behind the brand Tiffany amber.I love her in particular because there is this feminine edge she puts in her collection.Folake folarin started in the year 1998 and she is still blazing till date...**who knew I could rhyme**lol artist next bus stop***lol :p

These are my top three females in Nigeria fashion world.

Monday, 12 March 2012


1.Bright pants
2.Bright bags
3.Bright shoes
4.Added pieces
I know this is a very hard choice to make especially to those who find it hard to look too flashy.I did a research on why most people would pick a brown piece to an orange piece.Most of them chose the brown not because it is prettier,but because it blends more with the society.They loved the orange,but most excuse was "that is too flashy,you want them to call me a show off!"lol..**ok I added jara***lol
Well you can wear bright colors without looking over done,and you would feel really good about it.
Remember,Bold prints are trending this season,so don't be left out.
1.Bright pants:I love colored pants,it's a great way of expressing your,purple,tangerine tango,even green.Just always remember to pair it with a neutral color like a black/cream/white/ scarves,jackets or blouse except a situation of color blocking.

2.Bright Bags:We have passed the age of when we used to have our regular black hand bags,now,it's bold colors all the way,and they are lovely.A popular mistake most make is pairing same colors together.Maybe just because you have this lovely orange dress and a matching orange bag,you decide to wear it together.THAT IS WRONG.I can't be any clearer than that.Each piece on your body should speak for itself.Complimentary colors are best.(complementary colors are those opposite each other on the color wheel)

3.Bright shoes:What would a lady do without her shoes**lashes**.Bright shoes have been trending for a while,and guess what,it is hotter this season.Bright pants,dresses or a blouses are lovely when paired with bright shoes.Always remember when doing this,in a situation of two bold colors,one of the colors should be less bold than the other,a little contrast is advisable.Don't choose two colors from same primary group like blue and yellow or blue and red because it is difficult to alter the level of contrast as they are not related in anyway.

4.Added pieces:Yes yes you know how lovely a person looks with a scarf on!!bright patterned scarves,hats,bracelets name it.I like this style because it is easier to pull off,very easy indeed.It is just to remember,when you don't have the time to do colors,but you wish you still want to look alive,just grab a bright colored scarf like orange,and pair it with that lovely brown dress,and when you feel like you over did it with colors,just wear a cream or black colored scarf to neutralize your look.It applies with belts works either ways that's why it is perfect. :D ;)
Always remember neural colors and complementary colors are best when wearing bold colors,except in a situation of color blocking which I already explained in my previous article.
Remember confidence does all the work.if you got it,flaunt it ;D

Saturday, 10 March 2012


Blue shoes are great for any season especially spring/summer for 2012.The great thing about it is that it comes in different shades of blue from turquoise blue,to to royal blue,to navy blue,to teal and guess what,it can be paired with any color rather than our boring neutral(black and white).
Check out my favorite blue shoes for
summer/spring 2012. Hope it would be your fav too.xoxo