Sunday, 29 April 2012


It's how you look,but do you know what you are wearing?is it right for the occasion?does it fit your body shape?is it the right colour for the weather?Does is go with the perfect pair of shoes?Did I take it to the extreme or am not pushing boundaries at all?
These are questions these following celebrities noted before stepping out to a red carpet event.
1.My number one best is the top Nollywood actress Genevieve naji....She is so representing,lol like you can imagine.She knows when to look sexy and cheek to any event.

2.My next is one of the casts of popular soap Tinsel,Damilola Adegbite.

3.Adora Oleh,our TV presenter,popularly seen on the show 'adora oleh show' and the MTN project fame West Africa is really a TV beauty.

4.Tiwa savage:love me love me(jenifa's/funke akindele's voice).....nothing really to be said here,I don't know about you,but I think she is the most fashionable Nigerian female artist.smh!!if not the only.

5.Our favorite radio personality Oreka Godis doesn't only rock it on the radio,but also on the screen.She always looks good,always....

6.Ever heard of designer BRIDGET AWOSIKA?!Well she is everywhere,what about her designs?well they are everywhere,She is one of Nigerian's top fashion designer and well it's so obvious she is good at it.**nothing much said***
7.Eku Edewor is next and this pretty face TV personality has never ever ever ever looked bad before...why!!I love her style,if you know what you are wearing,I bet you would find it had to make a mistake.Maybe that is what she is trying to say by looking always good.

8.Show host Jumai Shaba is a young fashionable celebrity we all can look up to.I describe her fashion as elegance and classy.
9.Stage actress Dolapo ONI,always smiling, aww!..doe sometimes she makes little mistakes,but I see it as insignificant.

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