Sunday, 29 April 2012


We have been talking about vintage and retro looks for quit some time now,but notice how most attention are dragged to the feminine look.
I saw a friend of recent with this really great shorts and I was like "awww!you remind me of that group boys-to-men"lol
It was really nice because he looked so modern,at the same time had a retro vibe.
Men's short in the late 80's and early 90's weren't just sport wear's,but they were just as trendy as the pants and suits of today.
I know I know,the main reason why most guy's find it had to wear a short on a normal day is that most of them think they don't have a great leg,or they feel they might not pull it off without looking too scruffy like a clown or nerd on a short.
But with this easy steps,short wouldn't be that much of a problem anymore.
1.Nice looking legs:
Like I said,one of the reasons guys hate shorts.If you don't have nice legs,it's easy,why not put in less concentration on your legs and more somewhere else.for example,wear a lesser length shorts and a cap or jacket so when you step outdoor for a walk,the first thing they notice is your chest or you smile.
2.Pleats:Never ever wear a short with more than 4 plits,I know it's retro,but do u want to look like your grand dad going for a game of golf?wearing that with a pair of canvas and a sweater vet might just give you that awful look.
3.Wear your size:Have you seen a guy in tight shorts!!That is a sad image ,lol.Everything would be wrong,it would give u a terrible shape.Wearing your exact size when it comes to wearing shorts is the great way of showing off those sexy butt without looking too awkward(am still looking for the exact word).Not small,not too large,but just perfect.That is how it should be.
4.Anything goes except bows and ties:
I hate this look,I don't know about u,but I hate it.Don't look too nerdy with a bow tie on shorts,that's not fashionable at all.Instead,why don't you put on a pair of geeky glasses.That is much better if you are going for a nerdy look which is not trending anymore.
5.Shorts are casual:Don't ever make the mistake of wearing your shorts to your work place,it's so unprofessional.They wouldn't take you serious.When ever I see a guy on shorts,the first impression
I get is that you are have all the time in world.
6.Confidence:This is one of the key secrets in wearing shorts.If you aren't sure of what you are wearing,how do you expect others to be sure on you!with confidence and good posture,everything else is just a bonus.

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