Thursday, 12 April 2012


Remember that popular idiom that says "if there is a will,there is a way".But right now the question isn't how to make the way,but how to go about it when the opportunity comes.Most people believe anybody/everybody can model,but I think that's wrong.Modelling is no joke.It's not something you wake up one morning and "just" decide you want to,trust me I know people have been there.At the same time,modelling can be made easy with just simple right steps.If you want to have a place in the camera world,then these steps you must follow.
1.Keep fit and know your measurement:This is one of the basic step to take if you want to be a model,especially a runway or swimsuit model.It's a must-do.Lots of exercise,lots of rest and healthy diets.It really simple if it could be added to you daily schedule.Knowing your measurement!you don't know who has been watching you,and who would come up to you one day and make an offer.your weight,height,'s something you always should know.

2.TAKE PICTURES,ALOT OF PICTURES:How would you know how to pose in front of a camera if you don't practise!!!Lol,this is one step everybody loves to do.It boost your self esteem and makes you confident of your look not only on the camera,but in general.Nobody want to hear...."ha!my nose is too big" after the pictures are out.If it's too big,you mist already know and also know how to pose a trick(that is my way of saying a pose to avoid the big nose from showing,lol).So take as much pictures as you like,get used to your signature pose.

3.Be organised and professional:I have a friend that missed a great opportunity because his cell was off,not like it was his fault,but his cell was drained dead.Don't let the situation get the best of you.Organisation is one of the keys to success.Take up modelling like a profession,fit it into your daily plans like it's the way of living.You don't know who might call you up.If you were at the mall and your agent calls you for a shoot,what would you do!!prepare for situations like that.

4.Educate Yourself:Read books,Articles,Magazines,watch the fashion shows,select your role models,take details of how they stand,walk,smile,feel when they are in front of the camera.Everybody needs an inspiration.Be unique and know what you are doing.Don't do it because the picture guy said stand like this,do it because you know that's the right way to stand.One of the great feelings of life is knowledge.Practise what you know and make it a part of you.

5.Get an agent:I don't really know how this work but it should be easy.You know you are good,then don't settle for the least,think big.Look for the best modelling agents around your area and go for it.They might come expensive,but remember they are the best in there jobs.Also remember you would spend just once and that is it.

6.Look bold and in control:Whenever I hear the word model,my mind goes straight to confidence.Not everybody accept the fact they are beautiful and flaunt it,that's one of the traits I love in a model.I am really sure nobody will want a model with a low self esteem.You ought to feel confident about your look,strike that pose that says you are in control,even thought you might be shaky at first,don't let them know.

7.Stay focus:Do you want to be a swimsuit model!!then be a swimsuit model,Do you want to be a runway model!!then be a runway model.Are you thinking billboard,under wears,or product model!!then do it.Stay focused on what exactly you want.Don't jump from pillar to post.It would be a lot easier for you to do one thing at a time.Taking everything in might get you disorganised.By the way,it would be a lot easier for your fans to find you.

8.Natural once in a while wouldn't hurt:It is really important for a model to go plain and natural once in a while.This is very normal.If you are Always seen in heavy makeups,people would think you are trying to cover up your body and beauty because they are not nice.Don't give them that impression.Remember image it all that matters in the world of camera.Go natural if you want.Let them know that you look good on and off camera.

9.Smile and have fun:This is what you love to do,so it would be a lot easier if you aren't faking it.Always smile,give that worm gesture that they cam work with you.It's looks much better when you aren't trying too hard but having fun.

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