Monday, 2 April 2012


Honestly I don't know what you think,but I LOVE THIS.Isn't fashion the adventure we all take!the different style we choose!...! Lovely lovely lovely...
Rihanna has tried so many different colors and it surprises me how good she always look.In fact this is one of the Many reasons why I love Rihanna #nohomo.No wonder she and katy perry are best of friends,they got so much in common,they know exactly how to "risk it",and "mix it",then "dish it"....I know that didn't rhyme well,but I never mentioned I was a singer did I! :p.
Starting her career with brown in 2005,this young lady has tried close to seven different colors to this present date,and I know she still got alot to offer,just watch,maybe she might turn green tomorrow :D ....well she used to be on black,but it was a short cut.
From brown,to black,to really bright red,to red,then blonde,and now black again. :) ;)I like.

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