Tuesday, 10 April 2012


1.Brush your teeth after dinner,this would help to remind you not to eat after that.Weird but true.
2.Choose foods without high fat sauces.
3.Remember milk isn't fattening if you pick the right kind.You could try Low-fat milk,or fat-free milk,yogurt and cheese.
4.Choose fish more often for dinner than beef or chicken.They are more nutritious and lower in fat.
5.Avoid foods with large amount of sugar,oil,or fats.Restricting yourself completely from them wouldn't help the urge,instead lesser intake would be better.
6.Since you cannot do without your meat,why not try lean meat!like poultry without the skin,lean beef and pork meat....and No!!you shouldn't fry it.
7.Cook with vegetable oil not coconut and palm kernel oil and soft margarin.
8.Buggers,Greasy fried foods,French fries,fried chicken,....these are foods that would help you add weight.Avoid them because they have high fat and oil concentration.
9.Don't eat because you are bored,eat because you are hungry.
10.Avoid drinks with high sugar and gas,like soda.If you can't do without,try diet coke.
11.White carbohydrate like pasta,bread,rice,yam would help you gain fast weight before you know it.mix it up with beans and vegetable.Try white carbohydrate once in three days.Focus on fruits and vegetables.
12.There is a believe that when you skip breakfast,you would end up eating too much the rest of the day.That is why it is advisable not to,besides,breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
13.Eat 4-5 small meals a day,instead of 2-3 large meals a day.
14.Eat less and exercise more.This would help not only for weight loss,but to keep fit.Nobody wants a sluggish overweight person around.A little fat is good when you can carry yourself well and look fit.
15.Avoid eating out.If you must,choose food with low-fat like salad and if you must have a desert,why not try fruits and low-fat ice cream.
16.Drink as much water as you can.9-10 glasses would be perfect for a day.It helps to dilute fat in the body,and helps to flush it away from the system.Besides,water is the best natural way to help the skin look flawless.
17.Remember to always drink water when eating.This helps to make you full faster without even finishing that meal,and when you are full,avoiding eating after that.
18.When eating out,ask for salad before any meal.This would help in reducing you hunger situation.Eating your best snacks could be allowed if you do it once in a week.
19.Walk as much as you can.This would help to burn excess calories in the body.Don't feel lazy to walk,it is a good thing.lol.30 mins of jugging and walking daily is a start.
20.Focus on looking healthy,not looking thin.

I know you noticed how much weight loss has alot to do with what we eat.That is because statistic shows that we gain weight mainly on what we eat.This sometimes results from depression or boredom.You may notice that you go to the gym often and you exercise alot but you still put on weight.If you don't watch what you eat,the fat you must have burn while in the gym or jugging,would be doubled when eating.
So stay fit and look healthy. It would help a long way.

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