Monday, 2 April 2012


Fashion states are places which are recognized for the high dominance of fashion activities.When I say "fashion activities",I don't mean on the regular,am talking about fashion events,production and retails of fashion goods and so many other activities the fashion industry got to offer.In fact,they are responsible for the trend sets we follow.These fashion states or rather cities are usually filled with several haute coutures and prestigious fashion houses I bet you must be familiar with.Why wouldn't it be!!they majorly serve as inspirational cities for both the fashion professionals and the tourist themselves.From street style to runway,there is always something new and unique to offer.
My top 6 best fashion states has been high ranking for a while now,and I have no objection on that and you shouldn't either ::D
1.Paris (France)
2.New York (United State)
3.London (United kingdom)
4.Milan (Italy)
5.Tokyo (Japan)
6.Rome (Italy)

Los Angeles and singapore are also one of the high ranked but most times,there are usually not enough to offer unlike the listed six.

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