Friday, 6 April 2012


LOL,i know am not perfect,but at least i try to be....i guess, ;p.I actually love people who know how to work the trends,but at the same time I respect those who don't when they don't have a clue,but yet stick to their style and look lovely.But the worst is knowing the trends,ignoring it,and then look really really awful when you would have just avoided it.
 Its not like i don't love the celebrities am about to show you,heck am a huge fan of Gwen Stephani,but o my!,they just really didn't do much here at all.

Gwen stefani
I know Gwen would have done better,but what is this!I don't understand the look she was trying to pull,is it a busy  mum's look?or a i-don't-have-a-mirror look.Either ways its just wrong from head to that horrible sneakers.

Chloe sevigny
Honestly i don't know what to say,can you see her legs!you know that awkward moment when you see an outfit and just fall speechless because there is really not much to say.The question here isn't what is wrong,but what is right.Is that a skirt?mm..what kind of shoe is that?mm....that is a fish net "blouse"?the only thing i can recognise is her hidden purse that she would have used to cover her outfit and run.

heidi klum
 All i can think of is the kid beside her,i wonder what her kid might be thinking,can u see the expression on the face!!lol,i would have done the same thing.These outfit is just so not serious to be taken serious.I actually like the fact she made me laugh,lol
salma hayek
 I know......nothing seems wrong,but look closely....from head to toe..OO WAIT!! there isn't any toe,i guess salma lost her toe in that over sized pants.why didn't she just buy the right size!why did she have to get a pant that covered her beautiful shoes..(or is it)maybe she thought it would make her taller,anyone can think that,at least i did till i accepted am no runway model, :(

lourdes leon
mmmm.....this style got me looking for a long time,i just wasn't sure about anything,i was just as confused as lourdes leon who wore this snake leather tights,a washed print denim jacket and men's shoe to finish the look.mmmm....i still am confused.

jessie j
lol!look at this photo and tell me it doesn't remind you of that movie fantastic 4!that rock guy that was always cranky...!i know it does.Who would want to dress like the cranky guy! isn't stylish at all,in fact its scary,that was why they made it a costume.

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