Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Are you a sucker for wax prints?!well check out this amazing book of different prints with details you might be interested in.It is a must have,and yes,it is published.
This book consists of different pages with sections and consists of different patterns of designs and basic data relating to it like name of the designer,date,year of release,product type and more.I actually like this book.I wish I could get it :) I want to get it.:D...based on it's contents,it's really a must-have.
Vlisco designs are loved by many,especially in the west africa region.Why!look for yourself,there is nothing to hate about it.Vlisco textile is over a 100 years old,and they are used all over the world from New York to London.
As the author,Anja cronberg,editor and designer Suze May sho collaborating with Roger Gerards,published by ArtES press,efforts have been put into this book.

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