Tuesday, 24 April 2012

RANDOM..........Life in Benin

I Guess you've been wondering where have been for a while....well....
I took a week off,trying to figure out the feeling to embrace life without the Internet(Like it's possible)lol.Well it was really fun,I got the chance to look around,see people especially,I saw alot....I heard alot,too bad I didn't take much pictures because it would have been really rude.I went to Benin city,Edo state,Nigeria,it isn't far from where I school.One thing I love about Benin city is it's art and craft.There was alot to look at and learn from,starting from the beautiful arts and crafts,to the use of their traditional outfits.Benin is actually bigger than I imagined.
I always thought that it was more about sculptures sculptures sculptures,but funny,there are alot to just sculptures.lol.
I got the chance to see how they dress,it is quit impressive.Trends are used just as they are in Lagos.In my head Benin used to be a place of ancient stuffs just like badagry (that is if it hasn't changed too) well I stand corrected.
I also went in really nice shops and boutiques..they had lovely accessories and wears.You know those great stuffs!... ;D.I meet nice seamstresses and fashion designers...went to nice fashion houses,got details on how they work,really great stuffs I learnt.
I was really inspired,glad I made a great use if my time.
My best friend also came with me.she came all the way from Lagos state...***that's so sweet....At first I told her lets stay in and watch an Asian movie,but then we got bored and went to eat out.....then we got bored again and left for the pool,then we got bored again and went home...lol....
I had a great time with patience and becka... Love love love love....can't wait for another tour next weekend...maybe this time we would go to one of those ancient places. :)

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