Friday, 6 April 2012


I know its really cool how the 80s is getting a comeback.From maxi blouse to maxi gowns and now maxi skirts,i just pray it ends there,you know,doesn't extend to our under wears(maxi pants)YUK.LOL
 Everybody is wearing it...with different beautiful colours,different styles,different length,.....But the real problem here is with the different combos.Most people don't just know how to pair a maxi skirt with the perfect blouses,jackets,or accessories.In fact i always,kinda,have this problem especially when i started wearing a maxi skirt.Let me say my self confidence in a maxi skirt was really low.i used to think it made me fat,but really it didn't.The first key to wearing a maxi skirt is self confidence,then after that is the body posture.
  One really great advantage of a maxi skirt is that anybody can wear it.Its just the perfect outfit to complement the female body.There is no real reason to force,no risk here to be taken,as flowing as the skirt,you just go with the flow.

1.Maxi skirt and loose blouse:I really like this look,it has that feminine stylish look going on,almost like no stress at all,just walk up to the closet and throw something on.The secret of getting this look is just know the right type of loosed blouse that goes with that skirt.Don't pick a ruffled blouse with so much going on.remember the bottom is already doing a lot,so be mild at the top.

2.Maxi skirt and a fitted top:A look like this is best for women with big breasts.Wearing a fitted blouse would be lovely when the maxi skirt is pulled to the high waste line giving the body an even figure.In this way,less attention would be taken from the skirt,but rather to both the bottom and the top.This would look really casual,that is why pairing it with heavy bracelets and bangles,with nice wedge or heels would give a better look.

 3.Maxi skirt for slimmer figures:This isn't just for slimmer body type,but for all kinds.This is the most simplest look.Its just to remember that you shouldn't do much of it,don't drag that skirt to your high waste,the breast might be too small to work that style so let it stay on the lower waste.You could go casual by wearing slippers or you could wear heels for a more exciting look.Remember every piece must have a unique statement.

1.Don't pair a printed maxi skirt with a printed blouse
2.Don't pair a huge cardigan with a maxi skirt,jackets are rather preferable

3.Don't over do accessorises with a loose blouse
4.Bright coloured skirts look lovely for day light glam
5.Heels look lovely on a short maxi skirt rather than flats

6.Yes wide-brim hats and wide belts serves as lovely finishing touches.

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