Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Nigeriatown(www.nigeriatown.com) is one of naija's coolest and most viewed social network(new nd fresh).Created and managed by Oluwole Okeaya-inneh.
Below are the features:
1.     MobileSite: The mobilesite at http://m.nigeriatown.com is more economical for bandwidth.Members can also navigate from the mobile site to the desktop site by going tothe bottom of the page and switching between the mobile and desktop view. We alsohope to include Blackberry app, Android app and IPhone app soon. However wealready have an Android mini app.
2.     ContactImporter: This is avery useful tool to invite contacts from Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail and more than 7contact sites.
3.     Mail: In NigeriaTown.com, we have an emailsystem and members can send and receive private mails. This is very useful whenmembers want to send private information to a friend or they want to contact a memberof the Nigeriatown.com community that is not yet in their friend list.
4.     Friends: In Nigeriatown.com, we have thefriend system, where members can add and accept members of the community as afriend, they can also set their privacy settings so that only friends can communicatewith them on their wall.
5.     Chat: In Nigeriatown.com, we have anamazing chat/instant messenger. Here members can chat with friends online, use smileys,Chat rooms, and the mind blowing one, Game-chat. i.e the ability to play gameswith friends as they chat.
*Game-chat is an amazing Nigeriatown.com feature that givesmembers the ability to decide to play up to 20 games challenge while they are chatting.Members can play games like chess, poker and many more.
 6.     Pages: In Nigeriatown.com, members cancreate Fan pages for Personal, Business, Organization, religious and variousother purposes and have people in the community join. This is useful forbroadcasting information to their members.
7.     Blogs: In Nigeriatown.com, we have this excitingmodule that enables members to create blogs or blog post. This is a very excitingfeature because it gives them a better ability than just a normal status update.Here members can post blogs on various issues, giving them a stronger abilityto communicate their ideas, news, information, concepts and entertainment newsto friends and to the Nigeriatown.com community because blogs will be seen byevery member of the community.
8.     Forum: In Nigeriatown.com, we bring toNigerians a more than a social network experience, but also a Forum, where theycan open a discussion, post a topic, that every member of the community cancontribute to.
9.     Polls: In Nigeriatown.com, The Pollsfeature provides members with the fastest way of getting the right answer ormajority views, by creating a Poll and giving different answers that the wholecommunity can vote one answer from the options given.
10. Free sms: In Nigeriatown.com, we have this exciting free smsgateway http://sms.nigeriatown.com whereyou can send sms to mobile phones, Local and International.
11. Videos: In Nigeriatown.com, members can embed videos from Youtubeand other video sites.
12. Events: With this, members can broadcast special events tothe whole community to see and invite them. It could be a church program or anyother activity.
13. Music: In Nigeriatown.com, members have the privilege ofuploading mp3 files for the whole community to play and comment on.
14. Marketplace: Here is the community marketplace, avery interesting place for members to post their listings or products/servicesto the Nigeriatown.com community.
Apps: Members can start playingup to 50 games here on the site, many
of which are multi-player games, so they can decide to play with friends, thecommunity or contenders from the game network worldwide.


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