Thursday, 2 August 2012

Get Familiar:Vector - Tuwo

Vector drops his 2nd single Tuwo, off his Bar-Racks mixtape.On Tuwo,Vector combines Kelly Rowland's motivation and Trey Songs' Heart attack instrumental with heavy lyrics.Check it out:


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  1. Lyrics She say she luv d way I beat I said yep! I gt anoda gist I got the coochi knowledge too am your gynaecologist He's d truth- sexually faking isn't my thing U willing to get together I got the lubricated ring! We could do IT where I keep the money call tha SAFE sex Grab on ma pole VAULT? SAFE? yes?lol Ur Past man wasn't fresh did u say yes? His ugliness was d height Ape Ex (Apex) Me na give a-dam (ADAM) Whether or not u believe Shorties with the ruff ryder now u could call her EVE Hit her from d back different styles doing all sorts Spray ma genes (jeans) all over her ass - bum shorts Levis V nice I murder that thing! now I see flies! Still I Wake her up like an alarm clock...hehe! Alarm cock (Beat change...) "Oh boy story don change oh!hehe I thought it was a one minute typa thing like friends with benefits and shiii but shit done changed now- unh! And I dnt think I'd b benefiting shii hahaha! Let's go!" Hey! Hey!!! E don change for me Osha moh 2X - Ondun!!! VERSE: Am getting addicted to this girl now And that's not even feeling right Use to think d feeling wasn't deeper Bcos she did it right she reminded me of ma lyrics Huh! huh!! shorty tight Now am tryna prevent the event of sorty fight Cos I got another who would die for me And I got another who would cry for me And I still get the one wey dey try for me Olanrewaju wait chill are u that horny?lol Back wen Then u never ever knew love When u couldn't afford nuvo They were laffing @ u tho Oya te te ro #TUWO (Repeat) Situation stink like oh no Got a man singing like oh on Oh no!