Friday, 16 March 2012


This is my top three and my inspiration too.There is this scent of uniqueness about them that sets a track of achievement for we young aspired fashion designers.

1.Ituen Bassey:She is the woman behind the fashion line ituen Basi.She is well know for her good combination of many Ankara materials in one piece.Despite the complications,they always look fabulous.check out

2.Lisa folawiyo:This is a unique line popularly known as jewel by Lisa.Her love for Ankara has made her successful in the fashion industry and this young lady wouldn't stop at representing.From sequins to beads,she doesn't do without.check out images

3.Folake Folarin:She is the woman behind the brand Tiffany amber.I love her in particular because there is this feminine edge she puts in her collection.Folake folarin started in the year 1998 and she is still blazing till date...**who knew I could rhyme**lol artist next bus stop***lol :p

These are my top three females in Nigeria fashion world.

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