Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Colour blocking is a term used to describe the combination on essential solid colours all in an outfit.This trend is last season as it was spring/summer 2012,but if it is still what you want,let us wear it right :D .It very easy to colour block,very fun too,but most people make that mistake of "over" doing it and end up looking like a rainbow.
I tried that one time, the more even.(you definitely dont wana know)....have you ever seen a clown in dress!!!!yup,i was tha mother clown that event..***straight face***
Colour blocking might sound fun,but you can't just pile up any colour that you see in you wardrobe like i did.That is why the use of a colour wheel is very helpful.One tip to remember is knowing the colours that complements each other.

1.Analogue colours:These are any three colours placed beside each other on the wheel.Example are blue-green,green and yellow green.
2.complementary colours: These are colours on the wheel that are directly opposite each other.Examples are blue and orange,or yellow and violet.
3.Right angled colours:These are colours that appears right angled to each other on the wheel.Examples are orange-yellow and red,or blue and violet-red. 
4.T-shaped:This are colours that form a T shape on the wheel. Example is blue,orange and violet-red.
5.There is no pink on the colour wheel.but you can substitute pink for red because they have similar saturations. 

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