Tuesday, 27 March 2012

DARE AND NAETO C....who works it better

One thing I know for sure these two Nigerian artist got in common is their great sense of style.They always know how to bring it on when asked.Unlike some other celebrities who never push the bar,Dare and Naeto c are always my favorite to watch in most red carpets because there is always something new to stare at.Maybe they got great stylist doing a good job,who knows!but I don't care,all I know is dress it well and set a good example to your fans which I can see they have no problem with.
To top it all I bet these good features have also affected there music a great deal.To be honest,the first time I noticed and liked naeto c was his appearance at kini big deal,one of his plenty great songs.Even doe it might be the good work of a stylist,it was so obvious he would have just gotten that look as perfect if he did it himself,and since then am always looking forward to every show,read carpet appearance,or video,just to see what's next.
Dare at the other hand...lol..who didn't love dare,who doesn't.I started liking dare since the project fame academy,and I loved him more when I noticed he doesn't just got the voice on stage,but he got the looks too.My best appearance of him was in NOT THE GIRL video,lol,and yea!BA NI KIDI.

These two are my favorite best Nigerian fashionable artist.They got the voice,the look,and the best style that goes best with it.
Proudly Nigerians. ;)

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