Thursday, 8 March 2012

((only for men)) Spring stylish-must-have items

I checked out some trends and fashion shows for men,and I noticed there are similar traits in all of them,good thing is that they are lovely lovely lovely and also much wearable.
1.Dark wash denim jeans..
2.Graphic tees(my favorite)
3.A button up fitted shirt that has patterns rather than the plain regular shirts.This is best worn with jeans only or a jacket.
4.Polo shirts,I love them because they are easy to wear.they can be worn with a sport jacket to the office or just with shorts on a saturday.
5.Retro sneakers is bigger than ever this season.
6.Aviator sunglasses are back this season.I wasn't too sure at first,buh when designers like ray ban modernized the standard aviator,I saw the light
7.Pattern printed belts,remember denim jeans are in season,so pattern printed belts are also trending which is rightly worn with it.

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