Sunday, 25 March 2012


This is so common.Just because the jeans entered you doesn't mean it's your size.I bet who ever designed that jeans wouldn't think your belly would over lap.Beside not only does it make your body shape ugly,it also makes you look sloppy.

2.UGLY MEN'S WEAR:We are females,we have the body,why hide it!!no matter the body shape you have,there is always a piece for it. Flaunt your figure,don't be ashamed about it.Statistic says that the main reason why women wear men's wears is because they feel it's comfortable and it doesn't push the bounds.Why wouldn't it be!!!it's "men's wear"they made it that way for them because most of them don't have the time for "how they look"so they make fashion easier for them.By the way,it compliments there figure and they look just as hot that you would have been if you found yourself in ladies wear too.I know there are men's wear for ladies,still with that,they weren't made for men,but women.

I know what you are thinking,does anybody still do that!?!?!?!well....I asked myself that same thing when I saw a girl passing by my lecture hall with a green shoe,a green bag,green blouse and earrings.The only thing not green about her was her tummy belt which is totally out of season.Normally I would have been like aww cute.But I remembered she was in the university,not nursery school.I know this is a season for bold colors,but then if you want to follow the trends,do it well or not at all.I almost took pictures of her,but she was my friend's friend.
This is so wouldn't lie,I used to be a victim of this.I used to be like with the fake LV bag and all till I knew how unnecessary it was .I know,this is very tempting to not-stop,in fact,people have accepted it as "ok" to wear a little fake.I have forgotten what they call it ermm!!yea!they got the original,original-fake,and fake-fake.if you are seen with the original-fake,then you are ok,and if you are seen with the fake-fake then it's not ok!!!lol.The both are wrong if it's not the original.Why stress yourself getting the fake of what you cannot afford than getting the beautiful affordable "original"pieces of other great designers in the next store!there are a lot beautiful designers in the world especially Nigeria rather than LV,Gucci,Prada or DG.

Lol.wouldn't say much about this because it is!Like I don't get it.Seriously I don't.Do you know some girls actually "sag"there pants!and show off their panties and butt cracks.Nobody wants to see's even a crime for the men that does it talk more of a girl.It's not nice.Nothing even close to's just disgusting and immature.

I know you have all the bracelets,and the cool earrings,and the chic necklaces,with matching shoes,scarves and bags,but you shouldn't wear everything all at c'mon,how do you think you might actually look!people make that mistake of over doing it.The result is you would look too heavy and choked up by it.Every piece has to have a unique meaning.Why don't you pick just a bracelet,a pair if earrings,a nice neckless,and you are good to go.By the way,this is spring,heavy accessories should wait,flatter your looks with a more natural vibe.

This isn't a look you would want to be seen it.The common believe of the victims is that they feel a little spot with a stain isn't a big deal,or if it's torn, it isn't obvious.It's not nice.if it's stained,take it to the dry cleaner,they know what to do with it.If it's torn,take it to the tailors,they are good at their jobs.Just don't feel ok putting on that piece.What if you are caught in action!Nobody would ask you why you got that stain on believe me.They would just assume you are dirty and sloppy.

Just because you are a size seven doesn't mean you have man legs.There are a lot of nice shoes that aren't a size 6.I have seen people walking very bad because of the shoes on.Most times,it causes blisters after worn a couple of hours.Now why go through that stress when you would have just worn your size.Not everybody would be good at walking with heels,so try some flats,they feel great.
Remember posture matters,and bad shoes would only make you walk and act funny.
This is the most common.Almost everybody has fallen as victims.When wearing you skirts and pants,make sure your panty lines doesn't show.Thats why there are different panties for different kind of wears.For an example,If you want to wear a light denim jeans and you are sure your panty lines would show,why don't you put on a g-string instead.They were made for that reason remember.Don't give anybody the idea of what you got under your dress.
The most reason why I love fashion is that it portraits what we feel,who we are,how we want to be seen,our present is what makes it fun.Don't dress up with the image of your friend in your head.Be unique and have your style.Just because your friend looks so good with mini skirts and maxi blouse with a pair of nice slippers doesn't mean you too might look good in it.And even if you do,what if it isn't your style!!what if your style is a nice denim jeans,a pair of ankle heels
And a nice leader jacket that goes with it.It's all about knowing your style,dress
It chic and feel good with yourself.

Learn how to "Throw"away old pieces.Don't hold on to them.Even doe some might have sentimental values,keep it aside but don't throw it away.I have this box,I call it my treasure box.Any old item that have sentimental values to me,I keep it there,and throw away the rest.

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