Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Men's fashion is often interesting to pull off...it starts by complimenting the body figure with the right set of wears.This is really easy for men with an average hight and shape.On the other hands,men that fall outside this scale might find it difficult because they might appear too tall or too short.Even too fat(large) or too thin..lol

Knowing few basics would rather help to alter the vision of size and create an illusion of perfection.
2.Three button blazers.
3.posture is everything.

This aren't easy to pull of but it is of advantage to the lager men because a v-neck vest gives verticality to the body structure which appears to be slimmer than it really is.That is the illusion created...Remember to always keep the colour neutral,a down to earth type of colour,lets say black,brown or cream.

2.Three buttoned blazers.
Everybody knows one of the most important piece in a wardrobe is a blazer.But lager men find this pretty hard to pull this off because they are concern on looking sloppy and fatter.Well that's wrong because you can actually have a blazer and still look hot in it if only you pick the right one that compliments your body structure.That's why i recommend the three buttoned blazer rather than the normal one buttoned blazer.It helps to elongate the body structure(not literally doe)and gives that slim illusion.Always remember to keep the top button undone when wearing this blazer to avoid the inner shirt from pulling out.REMEMBER WE ARE TRYING TO ACHIEVE THE NON-SLOPPY LOOK.
three button blazer
one button blazer

Remember to always stand upright because it gives inches to your hight which gives an illusion of being slimmer than you actually are.Don't give that sloppy-draggy-lazy look because you are large.I know it takes time for perfection but standing upright would be a  good start.

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