Friday, 30 March 2012


ahhhh........I know what you are thinking,,,what did I do on my birthday!well am writing this post in a state
I know daddy wouldn't be proud of me.Heck,mum might be furious.But they ought to understand 29th of march comes only once in a year,and when it does,I spend it like its my last.
I ate last night like a fat,like seriously,I didn't mind what ever it was made of,I just took it in my system.The drink!lol,I don't wana start cuz they might be reading this,let me just say I started with my legs on the floor,and ended with my head in the kitchen sink......
picture of my half eaten cake
I took a picture of my cake,well half eaten,am sorry for not showing the full picture,I didn't have the chance to take,I couldn't,didn't know how to hold the camera.I stole this picture of my cake from my friend.It was a lovely sponge can still taste it now.
 Yesterday was the most lovely day of this year so far.Even though my mum and dad weren't around to share it with me,I had them in my heart.
 Thanx to all my friends that made me feel special that day,thanx for sharing that special day with me...thanx to God for giving me that special day,if it wasn't for him I would av still been in heaven.Thanx to my sisters,i love their trust and support.Thanx to  my only brother,he is the bestest ever.Thanx to my mum,without her,my life would have been a grayscale,Thanx to my dad,his call made my day complete yesterday.Thanx to my best friend,she was the first to thanx to y'all concern,i wish u a better day on your day too....xoxo....

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