Friday, 2 March 2012


1.Sensitive skin
2.Dry skin
3.Oily skin
4.Normal skin
5.Combination skin
Where else can a lady gossip that would be 'ok' if not the salon.
I was in the salon today getting my nails done when a lady asked me what skin product do I use,I told her I use BIOSKINREVITERLIZER and PALMER'S COCOBUTTER because I have a sensitive skin.I felt really happy inside because obviously my skin was actually fresh. :D.I asked her what she also used because it's cutesy to ask back.She told me she doesn't use any because it makes her sweat.I wanted to laugh but yet again I told her
It's wrong to neglect skin moisturizers except she finds wrinkles very sexy.We discussed about skin types and various natural product.
1.Sensitive skin---This skin type is sensitive to dust,perfumed soap,lotions,dirt,sun and even creams.It gets itchy,reddish and patches to reaction.It is advisable to use mild products and moisturizers made specially for sensitive skin type.

2.Dry skin--This are skin types that are naturally visibly dry even in the morning.They require moistures than every other skin type or it would appear dry and patchy.A good advantage of this skin type is that it hardy breaks to acne or pimples.if you have a dry skin,never forget to apply moisturizer in the night before bed.

3.Oily skin--This type of skin is prone to pimples and acne.It is easy to identify an oily skin because it has a greasy feeling and an unnecessary shine.It's advisable to wash regular because it attracts dirt.Rose water is advisable for facial wipe.Always remember to choose a water based moisturizer and foundation.Avoid fried meals.

4.Normal skin--This is the best kind of skin because it requires less attention and very easy and cheaper to maintain.Any moisturizer and natural toning is permitted.If you have friends and you notice what ever they apply on there skin work for them,then they have a natural skin type.Don't follow what they apply because your skin might be different from theirs.

5.Combination skin--This is the combination of oily skin and dry skin.If you notice the nose is oily and the cheek is dry then you have a combination skin.Its best you use moisturizer on the dried part and astringent on the oily part for balance.

Don't make the excuse of sweating like my friend in the salon.moisturizing your skin is one of the best ways to keep a perfect youthful skin.

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Picture of I and my sisters.My mum though us well.I LOVE HER

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