Friday, 30 March 2012


Anything retro means back to the 80s and 90s.This outdated style or rather aged fashion is back and better again.I am talking about the high wasted denim jeans,bold printed pattern blouses,padded puffy hands,funky wedges,cat eye sunglasses....etc.They are back and better...
But there is this problem with some people trying it out.Most people think,or get scared they might not be able to pull it off.Well that's why I brought you these guideline to wearing retro.
:D :D to be honest,I was always a big fan of the 90s fashion.How chic and sophisticated it looked...U know.

1.Take out little pieces:
Start by taking out little pieces from the 80s and pairing it up with the modern wears in your closet.If you don't usually dress retro,and want to start,I advise you take baby steps.Start with a patterned printed blouse and a scarf(both vintage) pairing it up with a Bold printed skinnies with killer heels(both modern).

2.Mix it up:
This is the hardest to pull off.Most people get stuck with how to pair vintage from different decades.I have seen someone wearing a high wasted skirt,padded vintage blazer, cat eyes glasses and black flats all from the late 80s.That was totally wrong...Retro means the vintage from the past 15-20 years.This ought to be exciting,an adventure.Mix it up.Don't look completely vintage from head to toe only from one decade,you would look outdated.Go back to the 80s,pick your best piece,go back to the 90s,They had funky pants,come back in time and pick fewer pieces from your closet,maybe a leather jacket.I bet you would be looking just as retro and modern as you should.

3.What about your scarf:
How do you want it,tied to your head,your neck or your bag!...either ways,no matter how modern you dress,a scarf settles your retro look.

4.Don't forget your red lipstick:
A red lipstick gives that sophisticated,classy,retro look you are looking for.There is nothing else that says pride and power than a red lipstick.Personally I never go anywhere without my red lips,there is this feeling of confidence.Retro looks best with red lipstick,it's like an everlasting's like a black cardigan,it goes well with anything.It takes us back to the Elizabeth Taylor years.

4.It's your style:
Don't forget your style.Retro doesn't mean giving up your style for the outdated year,it's all about knowing how the "outdated" style fits into ..."if I was still in the 80s,how would I dress like".I know,I have made that mistake too.There are different looks of retro,it's just which fits your style.Are you the classic lover!!then why not try on padded cocktail gown.Are you the casual wearer!!a nice denim shorts would look great with chiffon blouse with a pair of nice sneakers.Or do you just love being funky all the way!get a scarf,a pair of modern jeans,nice cat eyes sun glasses,printed loosed blouse,and yea!killer heels.

Don't forget to try out new things.Dont over do it if you don't know how to do it.Be confidence even though it feels wrong,keep you chin high and remember,posture is all that matters.

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