Monday, 3 September 2012


 A resident of Olaitan street in Masha, Surulere has committed suicide. According to eye witnesses,
they woke up early Saturday morning and saw a man known in the area as Afeez climbing the PHCN high tension electric pole you see above.
Afeez had told friends the previous day that he didn't want to live anymore.
 A large crowd gathered and repeatedly begged him to come down, which he eventually did.
After he got down,instead of finding out what the problem was ( Afeez is the one in Lemon shirt below),
 people started slapping him around and abusing him for wanting to commit suicide,
His friends eventually carried him away and the crowd dispersed.
That same night, Afeez succeeded in killing himself.
The following morning, yesterday , neighbours woke up to the sad news.
 Afeez had succeeded in killing himself. He drank poison in the night and died.

What could have possibly made him commit suicide?

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