Saturday, 19 May 2012


I rarely criticise African fashion labels,but this would have to be my first.
I am trying to see the uniqueness in this label,but am sorry,its rather difficult.Maybe its this collection,or maybe its just the sleep in  my eyes,lol.
I was reading one of my favourite blogs one nigerian boy when I came across Duafe.According to it,it says Duafe is a young Ghanaian denim label and its rich in light stretched denim.I personally feel they have the potentials of really doing a great job if more effort is put to their piece.Unlike what I see here,it's more of a lazy kind of job especially with the denim and Ankara jeans.Compared to the rate at which African designers are creating master pieces,Duafe wouldn't stand a chance if they do not step up their game.
Forget about what i think,What do you think?

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  1. Hi, I've heard of this label too, and I'm not sure if its wrong reporting from the blog you saw it on, but I had the impression they're not trying to create "masterpieces" or be a couture label, or even be high fashion, I thought it was more everyday, casual clothes with an African flavour. Like, everyone wears jeans, most jeans have detail on the back pockets, so why not African fabric? I would love to see t-shirts with African fabric collars that I can buy for $15/$20, or jackets with African print collars, or polo neck tops with African fabric necks, just stuff I can wear everyday that has some ankara.