Monday, 14 May 2012

Denim summer... (ITEMS MUST HAVE)

Do you smell that!well I do.Summer time is near,the time to show off those legs that has been hiding under those maxis for a while now.
Washed out denim prints is back again.This is one trend that never seem to fade away permanently,in fact,it never does.
This summer is all about Shorts and jackets,I mean lovely denim shorts and jackets :D.Am sorry,I get awfully excited whenever summer is near.
Well most fashionistas are already changing their closets to less spring,and more summer.It's time to show some skin,lol.So do the same,lets
Get ready for summer time...
Another thing to note when shopping for this summer aside washed out denim is under short shorts, :).I know sometimes it might seem really difficult to wear especially when you are in a country like mine,lol,Nigeria,but pairing it with a loosed blouse with nice pair of casual slippers or trendy wedges would give you that ready-to-play casual summer look without looking or feeling trampy.
Another great tip to note is think high waste denim.This is my favorite look.If you are going for a sophisticated and cheek kind of look,pairing it with a nice
collared chiffon blouse with a nice neutral belt and a pair of heels or flats,and O yes!don't forget our favorite cateyes sunglasses.
Denim jackets is another must it love it,It's a really nice retro look.
So don't wait till summer is hear,you might not find any good stuffs in the stores when it comes,lol.... :)

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